Hiking Kloof Corner- one of the easiest hikes in Cape Town

Kloof corner is one of the easiest hiking trails in Cape Town. It only takes around 20 to 30 minutes to reach the summit, which makes the whole hike roughly around an hour to finish. It’s a steep hike but most of the trail consists of stairs. Because I’m still unfit and I have chronic sinus problems it wasn’t like I was jogging up the trail. Still it didn’t take me ages and I did it. The hike is fun and doable for everyone who is moderately fit. You don’t have to be a hiking pro to enjoy this trail.

How do I get to Kloof Nek Corner?

Tafelberg Road is where the Kloof Corner hike starts. To get there drive along Tafelberg Road and park at the second parking lot on your left. It’s the parking lot after the first hairpin bend. When you are there cross the road and look out for the Kloof Nek Water Treatment Plant, there’s a sign which will clearly show you where the trail starts. I got lost when I went as I passed the sign and the water treatment plant sign. And Tafelberg Road is part of the Table Mountain Nature Reserve you gotta drive through the City Bowl District to get to where Table Mountain is. The road crosses the Northern side of Table Mountain and it takes you to where the cable car is and Devil’s Peak another popular hiking trail which is much more difficulty to climb.

How long is Kloof Corner hike

The hike is less than a kilometre (0.6miles ) up. It is definitely suitable for all ages. The path is rather steep though when you’re climbing up the stairs. 20 minutes of steep walking isn’t that bad overall and to get down it’s only another 20 minutes. It’s a great hike if you’re just starting hiking and has beautiful views along the way and on top.

Don’t get confused

Kloof corner hike is the easiest hike of all the Table Mountain trails. Kloof corner ridge is a different trail; be care and don’t confuse the two trails. Kloof’s Corner Ridge is a 5.6 kilometer hike and you need to climb up rocks, it’s steep and tricky So don’t confuse the two trails.

Kloof Nek hiking trail

The trail takes you up stairs which are fairly straight and steep. Then you will go around in a zig-zag. Parts of the trail is sandy but most of it is rock and log stairs. There are 215 stairs up. Once you’ve climbed all the stairs you can turn to your left towards the cable car station and you will eventually get there if you keep walking. But I suggest you turn right which is what I did to see the ocean and stunning views below. On your right hand side is where Kloof Corner is and you will be able to see the Twelve Apostles mountain range, Camps Bay, Lion’s Head, the City Bowl, and Atlantic Ocean all from that one spot.

A panoramic view from the top of the trail

Hiking tips

Be prepared wear good hiking shoes, something with a sole that has grip to it.

Carry a water bottle. I left mine in the car on this hike and regretted it.

Wear sunscreen, take the bottle with you and maybe wear a hat. I kinda hate wearing hats since they flatten my curly hair.

Definitely take a jacket with you, something warm because the weather in Cape Town is known to change dramatically. And at the summits of all the hiking trails it can get windy.

If you plan on catching the sunrise or sunset remember to take a torch with you so that you can see where you are walking.

Don’t go hiking alone rather hike in a group of four or at least with one other person. Unfortunately hikers get targeted by muggers so be careful.

If you’re travelling solo you can join this hiking group on Facebook, I am a member and it is super helpful or read more by following the links below:




The city below and me along the trail getting mildly sunburnt

Emergency Numbers

Table Mountain National Park Security: 0861 106 417

General Emergency Services Number: 10177

Extra information

Child-friendly: Yes

Pet-friendly: The Table Mountain National Park is regulated by South Africa National Parks (SANParks), which requires all dog-walkers have a Level 1 My Activity Permit. You can walk your dog but, don’t forget to get the permit or else you might get fined.

Read more here: https://www.sanparks.org/docs/parks_table_mountain/tourism/dog-walking.pdf


Thank you very much for reading. I’ve been away for a long time because I have had 5 teeth pulled all in one year. I’m finally getting braces to fix my teeth. The process has been time consuming so if I’m not as active as before sorry guys.