Nobel Square Monument in Cape Town

Nobel Square is located in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. The square honours South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize winners. It was officially opened in December 2005. The idea for the square came from Ebrahim Rasool who was the Premier of the Western Cape at the time. The square has the statues of Albert Lutuli, Desmond Tutu, F.W De Klerk, and Nelson Mandela. The statues are made out of bronze and in the background, you can see Table Mountain. There are quotes inscribed in the front of each of the statues. There is also a sculpture named “Peace and democracy” the sculpture represents the sacrifices of the women and children who fought for freedom during apartheid South Africa.

Nobel Square

Is Nobel Square worth visiting?

There’s so much to do in Cape Town and this square shouldn’t be on top of your bucket list but it does have a certain charm to it. There’s almost always live music from buskers which adds a positive vibe to the area. I’ve listened to the music many times and in January this year 2021, I was asked to play the marimba with the band. You can check me out in the Instagram video below please ignore the cameraman’s laughter. Children walk around with ice cream and there’s a delightful food market where you can buy different kinds of food. The food isn’t expensive at all. I love the pizza from Nonna Lina but there are loads of options to choose from.

The square itself may not be brilliant however the achievements of the four men certainly are. Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela both lived on the same street for a while and both won the Nobel Peace Prize for their massive contribution towards building peace in South Africa. Albert Lutuli was the president of the African National Congress (ANC) and he believed that the apartheid struggle should remain peaceful and De Klerk was the last sitting president of the apartheid regime. The square is free to check out and if you are in the area it is worth checking out

The Peace and Democracy sculpture


Where is Nobel Square exactly

It is between the V&A hotel and the old warehouse which is now the food market.

Information board explaining what the square is all about

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