16 Fantastic Famous museums you can see without leaving home

Google Arts & Culture’s project partnered with 500 museums around the world to create virtual tours. You can “visit” these museums for free and from the safety of your own couch, bed or desk. The best part of this partnership is that a number of well known museums are part of this amazing project. The other advantage is that these tours are free.  There are also some museums which have virtual tours of their own. Now that travel plans are halted this might be a great way to learn more about the world without physically travelling. If you click on the name of each museum  it will take you to the tours immediately. This will hopefully keep you occupied and safe at home.


British Museum, London

Located in the middle of London this virtual tour will allow you to see Egyptian mummies and the famous Rosetta stone. With hundred of artefacts included in the tour you will be kept busy for quite some time.

The Tate Modern, London  

Well-known for its art pieces the Tate Modern is on my to visit list. Seeing the art may not be the same like seeing it in real life. But, this way you can zoom in and see it from a different perspective.

The Tate Modern
The Tate Modern


Guggenheim Museum, New York

Google’s street view allows you to view the Guggenheim beautiful spiral staircase. You will also be able to see extraordinary art work. 


National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Google offers two online exhibitions of this renowned American museum. It’s another art museum and the virtual tour includes paintings of Johannes Vermeer the famous Dutch artists whom I even know of despite my limited knowledge of art. The other exhibition is focused on fashion from 1740 till 1895 combining my love for history and fashion. This exhibition features depictions of clothes from colonial and the revolutionary period in America. 

The Louvre, Paris 

The most visited museum in Paris for a reason it features breathtaking art and the architecture of the Louvre is gorgeous. It used to be a palace after all. This is also where famous artworks like Venus and Mona Lisa are housed. Back in 2016 I got to quickly visit the Louvre. On the Louvre’s website you will be able to take its’ free tour which is pretty cool. And this way you don’t have to fly to Paris. 

It is now closed but this is how crowded the Louvre gets
It is now closed but this is how crowded the Louvre gets

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

A French acquaintance which I partied with a lot in my Erasmus days suggested I visit the Musée d’Orsay, Paris. It is her favourite museum in Paris and she is a Parisian. Sadly, I never had the time or money to visit. This tour displays art from well-known artists like Monet at least now I get to see a piece of Paris I missed out on. 


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

6 floors of art from South Korea and abroad is a lot to view. The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere to view all of this art. 

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

It’s one of Germany’s biggest museums but, by the time I got to Berlin in September 2016 I was all cultured out. Not a word I know seriously though I went to so many museums and churches that they blurred into each other after a while. By the time I got to see Berlin I wanted to be outside as much as possible. Now I will get to see this museum which features’ lost of ancient artefacts I hear. 

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

You get to see art by Vermeer and Rembrandt during this virtual tour. And it uses Google Street view which means it will feel like you are walking around the museum even if you’re comfortably chilling on the couch. 

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

This is the biggest collection of Vincent van Gogh which consists of   more than 750 personal letters, over 200 paintings, and 500 drawings. That’s a whole lot of Van Gogh in one place and you can see all of it online. 

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

This California art museum displays European art from as far back as the 8th century. This display is also a street view tour of numerous drawings, sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, and photos.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Florence was definitely crowded when I got there in 2016. Even the line to this lesser known gallery was super long. I skipped the museum to walk around in Florence instead and went shopping. I still have the dress and shoes I bought in Florence. Anyways back to the point I will be checking out this online version of the Uffizi gallery pretty soon. 

Uffizi gallery
Uffizi gallery now closed but there’s a virtual tour

MASP, São Paulo

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is the first modern museum of Brazil. It is also a non profit organisation. The pieces look like they are floating as they are displayed in clear Perspex. To see what I mean for yourself take the virtual tour. 

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Since one of my closest friends is from the city I’m majorly excited that Google included this Mexico City museum on the list. The National Museum of Anthropology was established in 1964 and focuses on the history and archaeology of Mexico during the pre-Hispanic era. A total of 23 virtual exhibit rooms can be viewed online and there are even pieces from the Mayan people.

Casa Azul, Mexico city

Casa Azul(The blue house) was the main house where Frida Khalo lived. I love her artwork. The house has been opened up to virtual visitors amid these trying times. You can explore it online without leaving home and I  have seen bits of it. It’s  very cool and I  loved what I  saw.

Casa Azul
My friend Elian outside of Casa Azul she’s from Mexico city

The Vatican Museums, The Vatican City

I absolutely loved Italy when I visited in 2016. Sadly, COVID 19 is hitting this wonderful country hard. I’m keeping Italy and the entire world in my prayers. I think it is lovely that The Vatican Museums can be toured virtually using a 360 degree tour and you can see the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms and more. 

There are many more virtual tours offered by many museums. If you do a simple Google search you will find much more. Thank you for reading and I hope this post is helpful. Please feel free to comment. 

Digital hugs 

Nikki xx


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