Top tips when visiting Shimmy Beach Club

To celebrate my birthday I went to Submerged Sundays at Shimmy Beach Club. I went to see Goldfish perform as they’ve always been one of my favorite South African performers. It was a wonderful experience and I ended up loving the music and the venue. The staff was really friendly as well and so since it was my first time attending I’d like to share a few tips if you’re planning on going to Shimmy Beach Club.


Wear comfy shoes

I wore a tiny kitten heel and it was comfortable enough to walk in. I went with my sister who wore a block heel and we got the shuttle to the venue. But, there’s sand in the main area right in front of the stage. I took my shoes off and put them behind the stage railing. I saw that there’s sand in the stage area but wanted to look good. I could’ve just worn comfy flats instead as the sand ended up grating off my nail polish and my sister’s sensitive feet hurt a bit afterward. So if you are planning on seeing the performers up close wear comfortable shoes.


Tables get snatched up fast

My ticket stated that the event would start from 5 to 3am. And Goldfish was due to arrive at 9. We ended up arriving at 7:30pm and the place was already full. My sister and I were going to grab something to eat and couldn’t manage to get a table. My advice is to pre-book a table instead especially if there’s an event happening.

Be prepared to stand

If you want to be right in front of the stage I suggest you stand my sister and I ended up standing from 7:30 until we left. There was lots of standing and dancing. And believe me, it got crowded very fast as everyone wants to be close to the main stage as the night goes on.


The VIP section is far from the main stage

The VIP section is beautiful and the balcony overlooking the stage looked relatively empty. Not as jam-packed as the lower level. There was also a separate bar which is a big plus as you wouldn’t have to stand in long queues to get a drink. You can also wear heels comfortably as there’s no sand in the VIP section. But, for me, the big drawback is that it really is far from the stage and if you are attending a concert event like I was it kind of sucks to be so far away from the performers and paying more for it.


It gets very crowded

Super crowded I hate crowds. My love for Goldfish overrode my I don’t do crowds attitude. I got bumped into a million times. People were drunk, high and trying to get photographers to take photos of them. I jumped on some guys’ feet a few times as he kept kicking my sister’s ankles and used my elbows a lot. If you are right in front you will have to guard your space as people try to push you out.


Take care of your belongings

I got the feeling that people get pick pocketed a lot at the venue. There is lots of security and I felt safe. And I’m not bashing the place at all but, security constantly told people to take care of their things. I was told to sling my bag so that the opening would face my body instead of the front.

People are friendly so be friendly

Being friendly means you will attract friendly people. No one at the place was downright rude or snobby. I read many bad reviews on Trip advisor saying it’s a place for rich stuck up people and that the staff is lazy and rude. No one was rude to me not even the bouncer who asked to see my ID because he thought I was 16 or 17 haha. The bartender also made a joke asking if I’m really allowed to be inside there. But, it was all in a funny way.

Drink water beforehand

It gets difficult to move around once the crowds arrive. And the place gets hot especially in the summertime when I went. My birthday is the first day of summer. Bottled water can also be an unnecessary expense and if you plan on drinking, eating and drinking water will prevent you from getting a terrible hangover.

Take a light jacket

Take along a light jacket or a shawl. Something you can easily tie around your waist or bag. Cape Town can get windy and chilly at night. And Shimmy Beach Club is right at the shoreline of the V&A Waterfront so be prepared.

There’s a pool

I didn’t swim neither were their people swimming when I arrived. But, there is a pool which you can use so take along your swimming things if you plan on swimming.

Budget for it

It’s a  lovely place and along with it comes a hefty price tag. Capetonians are used to being spoiled with inexpensive food and drinks. Shimmy is the exception. I budgeted for drinks and a meal.  Ultimately I ended up eating at Mitchell’s Brewery as the tables were all occupied. Don’t be like me rather book a table if you plan on going to Shimmy.

There’s parking

There is parking even though it’s limited if you want your car in a more secure area then park at the Silo District Parking. My sister opted to park at the Silo District. As we walked back we saw lots of empty alcohol bottles in the free parking area and I felt better knowing her car was safely parked.

Wear whatever you want

There’s no dress code and I saw lots of girls wearing jean shorts with tank tops. You can dress up or down. Most people are dressed down. Still, I didn’t feel overdressed wearing my cocktail dress. It doesn’t matter as long as you look good and feel good. And it gets mega hot inside during summer when there’s a DJ performance so try to wear something cool.


Side notes Shimmy Beach Club is a restaurant/bar/club. It is a family-friendly venue with a kids menu as well. Kids are welcome to visit the restaurant in the day. When it comes to events like Submerged Sundays you have to be 18 years old to enter. And if you look young like me remember to take along your ID just in case.


And that’s my round of tips I do hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts and thank you very much for reading.