How to survive a music festival and have a blast


Get Direction

You need to know where everything is. Get a feel for the festival venue. And definitely find out where the bathrooms are. Also, look at the setlist and where the artists you want to see perform will be. Some venues have different stage areas and if this is the case you need to be prepared and know beforehand.

Create meeting points

If you’re going with a group of people it’s good to have meeting points. If you lose your group you will know where to meet up. Phones batteries can die, signals might be slow and the music of the festival might make it difficult to talk on the phone. It’s best to have a meeting spot especially if the festival will be held in a huge space.

Eat light meals

It’s best to eat something light and do eat. If you’re drinking you need to have a good lining in your stomach to prevent a terrible hangover.

Drink water

Being dehydrated is a bad mix with alcohol. Drink water in order to keep your body healthy.

Leave expensive items

Leave your most expensive stuff at home. You don’t want to end up losing something valuable. If you leave it at home you can’t lose it.

Budget for it

Save up beforehand so that you don’t run out of cash for food and drinks. Festivals tend to be pricey when it comes to food and drinks costs. So make sure you have a festival fund.

Take good photos

Take photos whilst the sun is out. And try to keep your camera or phone tight. I have seen many blurry festival photos. You should also take photos before you start drinking alcohol if plan on doing so that way you will have the ability to judge your photos accurately.


Be comfortable

Wear good shoes made for walking. Take along a warm jacket which is easy to carry around. Wear a moon bag or a small handbag to keep your money in. Take along hand sanitizer, sunscreen and sunglasses if the weather is going to be sunny. And don’t wear your best shoes, if it rains your shoes will get ruined, people might walk on them or even vomit on them if you’re unlucky. At the Sizzled festival I could wear a pair of shoes I loved as the place wasn’t that full, it was a sunny day and the surroundings were clean.

If you don’t like crowds don’t go

Festivals aren’t really my scene but I have gone to a few. It’s just that I hate big crowds. If you’re like me prepare yourself for that. Just being mentally conscious of the fact that the lines for everything will be, long. And it will be crowded will help you have a better experience. I also only go to festivals and concerts of artists I really love listening to which makes me want to face the crowd as seeing the artist live makes up for it.

Take breaks

Eat and drink water. Leave the venue and go to your accommodation or outside. You should first find out if you are allowed to leave and reenter but if you can then go. Too much festival fun can burn you out if you’re attending a festival which lasts for days. You should take breaks in between.

Be safe

Don’t just drink something offered by anyone. Watch the bartender pour your drinks, keep your drink in your hand. Don’t eat anything offered either by someone you don’t know. People can drug food and drinks. Be careful.

Carry cash

At some festivals card machines might not be available or will be limited. Carry cash just in case.

And that’s my list of tips on how to have a enjoyable festival experience.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment. Take care.

Safe travels





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