Great tips for Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring has sprung in Germany whilst I’m in rainy cold Cape Town I thought I’d share a few tips on how to beat the crowds and enjoy Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Every year around March or early April depending on when the trees in Bonn bloom the Cherry Blossom Festival is held.  This year it’s being held on the 5th and 6th of April. These pretty pink trees were planted in the 80’s to help provide natural beauty to Bonn’s urban landscape. To find out more read my previous post here:



Get there early

This festival is crowded as the streets in the Old Town (Alstadt) of Bonn are narrow cobblestone pathways. There aren’t really meant to accommodate large crowds. I didn’t skip the crowds when I went but, I got there before it became difficult to walk around.

Bonn Germany Cherry Blossom trees
Lots of people visit Bonn’s Cherry Blossom festival. Including this cute baby and dog.

Use public transport

My friend Anastasia and I used the train to get to Bonn from Essen. Both of us lived in the same dorm building at the time. The walk from the train station to the festival was close by. You shouldn’t go by car as you can’t drive down the lane in any case. And Germany has a good public transport system.


Wear good shoes

Cobblestones and crowds aren’t the best combination. You could get away with wearing a boot with a chunky heal ladies. Stiletto heels are out of the running so to speak. You might get your heel stuck in the street opt for stylish comfort instead. Most people wore takkies (sneakers) or boots.

Bonn Germany
Getting my free hug and wearing my flat boots with the Cherry Blossom petals at my feet

It’s still cold

Usually it’s still cold during the Cherry Blossom festival season. Don’t let the hype about spring fool you or the cherry spring time window displays in front of almost every store. The weather during spring in Bonn is fickle. Check the weather report repeatedly and take a warm jacket with you just in case.

Bonn Germany Cherry Blossom trees
People dressed warmly for Bonn’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Don’t damage the trees

I didn’t see anyone trying to climb a tree or trying to damage one.  Whilst reading up on cherry blossom festivals I did read about how people do climb the trees in Washington DC during the cherry blossom fest over there.  In Germany you will probably get swiftly fined for doing something like that.


Charge devices

Yet again charge your devices. The festival is the perfect time to take some of the best nature/urban shots. The blend of the Old Town buildings and natural pretty pink flowers of the cherry blossom trees suit each other perfectly. You will want to capture the moment. But, look up often.


Watch your head

Like I said before look up, cherry blossom trees hang low. This means you are likely to knock your head if you are tall. This is a problem I don’t deal with ever #shortgirlwin in this case. A branch won’t know me with my short legs.

Bonn Germany
Low growing cherry blossom tree branches in beautiful Bonn


Take a few photos

Try to take a few photos at different angles. One of the flowers super up close, one of yourself, of the crowd , of the Alstadt sign and of the sky peeking through the cherry blossom tree branches as they reach toward each other to form a natural archway.

Bonn Germany
Bonn Germany, Altstadt sign with the surrounding Cherry Blossom trees

Do check out the stalls

There are lots on offer and I bought a cute dress for 2 euros. No more needs to be said really but, yip there’s many bargains. Clothes, books, knick knacks, house items, food and drinks can all be bought at the stalls. Just remember to carry cash in smaller bills. German people don’t like giving out lots of change.

Bonn Cherry Blossom festival
Stalls in the background and a accidental, happy photo bomber

Skip it

Skip it all together strange tip I know right. If you think about it the cherry blossom trees are still around after the festival. They also bloom before the festival. The streets are then clear.  My friend Maria who lives in Bonn never knew about the Cherry Blossom Festival. She’s never been to it. Instead she intends to take photos of the trees just. She still hasn’t yet even though she’s been living there since 2016.


See the rest of Bonn

Whilst you are at the festival I highly recommend that you see at least a bit of Bonn. It’s town hall, main square, Mozart’s House and the Schloss Drachenburg which is a cute castle, are a few of the must sees. And if you are hungry and aren’t a fan of German food try Vapiano which is a Italian restaurant with a twist. You can see your food being prepared in front of you and most of the dishes can be customized.

Schloss Drachenburg
Schloss Drachenburg in Bonn

Bonn, Germany

Thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to comment. I’m open to online collaboration and if you just want to chat.

Happy travels!

Nikki xx


  1. kagould17 says:

    Good post Nikki. We also have cherry blossoms on the West coast of Canada in Vancouver and Victoria. They can bloom as early as February in Victoria, but more often in late March and April. For some reason, we keep missing them in our travels. Oh, there are a few out, but not the floral display we would like to see. Maybe next year. Alln

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    1. Thank you they don’t grow in South Africa which is a bit sad. In the US Washington DC also has a cheery blossom festival. But I really want to see them in Japan. Hope you get to see some cherry blossom trees when you do travel sometime. They are beautiful.

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  2. tsepotheview says:

    Nice pics…


  3. carmen says:

    Fabulous post Nikki! I’d love to be there! Our trees are still barren, in fact we had a snow storm a week ago. 😦


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    1. Goodness winter is battling with spring over there. And over here Cape Town’s Autumn is more like summer.

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