The best romantic things to do in Cape Town

With Valentine’s Day a few days around the corner I figured I’d post a list of romantic things to do in Cape Town. There are other lists like this out there but, they tend to state the obvious so I tried to put a interesting spin on this post. I also tried to include a mix of options to suit different budgets. If you are in Cape Town and ever want to do anything romantic then you might fall in love with one of these activities.




Horse riding

Looking for an interesting spin on a Safari. Then book a trip with African Horse Safaris. You get to see the Big Five on horseback. This tour company specializes in providing a memorable Safari. If you still aren’t convinced read their Why African Horse Safaris Page.

Get in touch with them:

Whatsapp: +447419744829

Noordhoek is the longest stretch of beach in Cape Town, the beach is fantastic. I was going to go horse riding on my birthday here. The ride is normally R450 for an hour per adult. You get to ride along the beach. There are two companies offering this service. Find out more about the costs, and adding a bottle of champagne or wine to your trip by contacting these companies.

Sleepy Hollow Lane│ Noordhoek │ +27(0)21 789 23 41


Imhoff Farm│Kommetjie Road│ Kommetjie│ Western Cape │ +27 (0) 82 774 11 91 or  +27 (0) 82 418 78 77

animal animals backlit beach
Horses are beautiful

Take a hot air balloon ride

The cost of a hot air balloon ride is more than triple my current meager salary. No hot air balloon riding for me any time soon. When I do eventually have the cash to spare I will be ecstatic. Cape Town has an ever changing charming landscape. I remember being awed by it when flying back home from Germany. Many of the hot air balloon rides include champagne and a picnic basket. If you have a fear of heights or your partner does understandably this won’t be romantic at all. For me it certainly would be.

For more info:

assorted hot air balloons photo during sunset
Dreaming of doing this someday

Helicopter ride

Another aerial adventure which I’m dying to experience my sister got to go on a helicopter for free twice. Her photo’s are envy inducing. Taking photos from a helicopter eliminates the issue of crowds. And the perspective of aerial images is always wonderful. Taking a helicopter ride with my boyfriend in my mind at least would be an unforgettable memory. Both of us just need to become rich to be able to afford it.

For more info:

Cable car ride

A ride up Table Mountain with the cable car is a cheaper option. For locals the sunset trip is free during the summer season terms and conditions do apply. The sunsets in Cape Town are epic. Vividly coloured and glowing, this is a more affordable or totally free way to have a romantic time out with your loved one. I’ve been up the Cable car when I was 11 and another trip it overdue.

Table mountain
At the parking of the Cable way ride

To book see:


Chart farm

Chart farm is tucked away in Wynberg. Most locals don’t even know about its existence. This rose farm sells rose bushes, has an outdoor tea section and you can walk among the roses. If you pay a small fee you can pick your own roses a shear and a collection bucket is provided. You fee will be dependent on how many roses you pick. It’s a fun twist on buying roses; you can smell the fragrant roses, soak in the visual appeal of the farm plus have your cake and eat it too.

Chart farm Wynberg
Chart farm, Wynberg

To find out more:

Polkadraai farm

This strawberry picking farm will reopen in September 2019, when strawberry season starts in South Africa. For just R50 you can pick a punnet of fresh strawberries at this farm. Mariah Carey visited the farm stall a while ago. The farm is also family friendly with pony rides and a jumping castle for kids among other activities. The farm now also has a little van which provides visitors with a drive around the farm. Strawberries and romance go hand in hand. And they are healthier than chocolate. I’ve been and I had a great time picking my own strawberries so much so that I forgot to take photos.

For more:

Address: Polkadraai Farm, M12 Stellenbosch Arterial Road, Stellenbosch

Telephone: +27 (0)21 881 3303
Fax: +27 (0)21 881 3015

Cape Town Comedy Club

I got to go to Cape Town Comedy Club with my boyfriend who surprised me with tickets. The club is based at the V&A Waterfront. It has a delicious menu, food and drink specials. And laugh out loud comedians. Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that a Comedy film is the best genre of film to watch on a date. This is because the endorphins released during laughter leads to bonding and a positive memory association. A live Comedy show probably would have the same effect. And have to admit that I was delighted it was a brilliant night out.


Address: The Pumphouse, Dock Rd, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town

The Big Wheel

In the V& A waterfront there’s also a huge wheel it’s easy to spot. At night the wheel is lit up. From the wheel you can see Cape Town from another point of view. There’s a special VIP box for riders who want to up the experience it includes champagne and a picnic basket. Look out for specials on Museum nights when a trip up the wheel is 50% off.

Big wheel.jpeg
The wheel is in the background 


Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset from one of Cape Town’s pretty spots is romantic. You could view it from atop Table Mountain, at Signal Hill, along the Seapoint promenade or even at the V&A Waterfront. There are so many beaches and pretty alluring places in Cape Town. And they are all free.

Sunset at the beach
Sunset at the beach

Sunset bus

If you want to do more than see the sunset then hop onto the city sightseeing bus, called the red bus by Capetonians. Cape Town has magnificent views even from the streets where you can see the mountains at one side and the sea from the other. The sunset bus doesn’t stop at the hot spots along the way instead it’s a scenic drive which stops at Signal hill. You can pack a picnic basket or buy one from the tour bus operator then gaze at the remarkable sunset and the city below.

On the sightseeing bus
On the sightseeing bus


To book:


Signal Hill at night

Signal Hill is easy to get to because you can drive to it. No hiking needed. And although I’ve gone on about viewing the sunset their it’s particularly beautiful at night time. On clear nights there’s a breathtaking view and yes it really is breathtaking. The city lights sparkle beneath this mountain range. Cape Town harbor is visible, the stars shine bright and everything coming together perfectly. To my boyfriend who might be reading this thank you so much again for taking me to this hill on my 26th birthday.


Signal Hill
Signal Hill’s view at night

For more check out:

Champagne boat trip

You  gonna get champagne as the title suggests. These trips take you around the bay area of the V&A waterfront. They also operate around sunset. My sister’s done this one too and I’m hoping to be able to cross this trip off my bucket list soon.

To book a cruise click here:


Champagne cruise.jpg
My sister Charlene and her husband Barry on a champagne cruise 


Google free dance lessons in Cape Town and a list of places will pop up  in the results. Nomad Bistro offers free lessons and a dance social after every Sunday evening. The Seapoint Promenade becomes a dance extravaganza where people can Tango to their hearts delight. This event regularly occurs during summer next to the Seapoint tidal pool. Everyone is invited to join and you can watch and or participate for free. This tango is also only hosted on Sundays so get in touch with the organizers.

To get more details about nomad bistro :

For more information contact: 083 533 3333 or



This one is fairly obvious given that Cape Town has so many wine estates. The last time I checked it was 800. Then there are the 80 beaches. Africa’s biggest botanical gardens and add it all up you have a long list of perfect picnic sites. Some are free think most of the beaches.

Then there’s the wine estates where you will have to fork out some cash to have your picnic. Spier and Mariana wine estates are both lovely and affordable picnic places. Whilst you are there go wine tasting both estates produce flavourful wines.


Kirstenbosch also charges a small cover but, trust me it’s worth it. The garden sits at the slopes of Table Mountain. You can pack or own picnic or visit one of the overpriced restaurants at the gardens. Seriously I advise you to stay away from the restaurants at Kirstenbosch as they are all tourist traps.

Kirstenbosch flowers

Remember if you are going to go picnic at the beach that alcohol is not allowed on South African beaches. You can sneak your booze in obviously but, if you get caught you will have to pay a R500 fine which isn’t romantic at all. My advice is pack your picnic have it booze free then go for a sun-downer drink typically between 4-6 sometimes 7 at a restaurant. Camps bay beach has many little bars, restaurants and cafe’s which offer drinks along with happy hour specials at around sunset hence the term sun-downer.

Muizenberg beach
Muizenberg beach

Book a wine tasting session with Spier

Book a wine tasting session with Marianne Wines

Enjoy a picnic at Kirstenbosch 

To read more see:

Go to a fancy restaurant

Once again stating the obvious here, Cape Town has many good restaurants. My US friend Irene told me she never had a bad meal in Cape Town which made me smile brightly. Her favourite fancy restaurant whilst living in my city was Kloof Street House. I haven’t been yet but I have seen its gorgeous decor. It’s a bit expensive so be sure to budget it in or take advantage of the lunch time specials instead of dinner. HQ is a steak house which has a date night every Monday. Live romantic music plays and you get two steak meals, with two portions of fries, a French butter sauce and 2 glasses of wine for R295. Desserts also start for just R48 on the night. For a restaurant with a view go to Mariners wharf which specializes in seafood. This is a popular anniversary spot for many locals with it’s view of Hout Bay beach and salty, succulent seafood dishes. Another gorgeous view upmarket restaurant is Quay 4 at the V&A Waterfront which overlooks the bustling, blue harbour. Roast & Co. in the CBD has an exquisite courtyard area, it only serves free range roast chicken with a variety of sides but, the ambiance and the friendliness of the staff makes it a romantic place in my book.

Quay four
Quay four

For more options see:


Chocolate tasting

Chocolates are synonymous with love and valentine’s day. Instead of buying a box of chocolate go chocolate tasting .  Honest Chocolate on Wale street is a sustainable  chocolatier which produces high quality delights. It happens to  have a little café’ on site which sells various tasty items made of chocolate. Hot chocolate, chocolate filled pastries and a spin on the bunny chow. A bunny chow is a half loaf of hulled out white bread stuffed with spicy, aromatic curry. Honest chocolate’s version is a half a loaf of banana bread hulled out and stuffed with ice-cream and melted chocolate. Being in love can lead to a rise in body weight ha ha ha. Lindt has a chocolate tasting room in the V& A waterfront if you want to explore the Waterfront after having you sweet tooth satisfied. Then there’s the artisan chocolatier at the Old Biscuit mill close to my work place. Cocofair was started after a gap was identified for good chocolate was identified by it’s founder.  It seeks to “change the world with one piece of chocolate at a time”. I can vouch for Honest chocolate and Cocofair’s chocolate as I have tasted these yummy chocolates.

Outdoor cinema

The Galileo cinema isn’t a traditional cinema. It is held at different venues, the V&A Waterfront, Kirstenbosch, different wine estates are all venues where you can watch a movie underneath Cape Town’s star freckled sky. You can purchase a picnic basket, pop corn and drinks. You can also hire lawn chairs and blankets. You are allowed to bring your own blankets and picnic basket. Try to do this on a good weather evening check the reports. Weather can be temperamental in Cape Town but, January and February are typically dry warm months. Light rain and wind won’t stop the film from screening so take blankets and rain jackets with just in case.

To book your tickets:

And that’s a wrap. Now it’s confession time I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. My anti Valentine’s Day ways are due to being single for a long time. And then when I found myself dating I was so used to being single that Valentine’s Day didn’t seem important. It’s got to do with my solo traveller ways and me love of independence. I am a romantic at heart I just don’t like being told I have to be romantic on a specific day. Still if you are in Cape Town and you do celebrate Valentine’s Day may this post inspire you and help you to have an incredible date night.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it then please do like it and comment if you want. I love reading comments on my posts as they help me improve m blogging. And it’s nice to just have a digital chat with people.


Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day whether you celebrate the day or not.

xxx Nikki xxx


  1. kagould17 says:

    Romantic gestures do not need a day. Only retailers need a day to make us feel guilty so we buy their stuff. I will be hand-making a card for my Valentine. We will go to lunch at our local French Canadian restaurant on Valentine’s Day, only because that is the one day we have the time. Capetown looks beautiful with lots of options. Enjoy. Allan

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    1. I agree retailers need to make profits and guilt is a easy way to make it. Your plans for the day sound so lovely. I often make cards too although I haven’t done so in a while. I made a digital collage for my Valentine this year. Thank you for you comment and hope you enjoy your day.


    2. tsepotheview says:

      Liked the comment man! I had fun on Valentine’s day and I bought few gift’s at the retailers even though I also felt like I could have just made what I bought with ridiculous price but I chose to buy for the sake of supporting and probably helping someone keep their jobs.

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  2. tsepotheview says:

    Like the pics, they are amazing and they show exactly how cape town is and how much fun and romance one could have on that side. Next time I want to go somewhere romantic I will consider cape town.

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    1. Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the post. And hope you will love Cape Town when you visit. Also a major thank you for liking the photos as they were all taking using a phone ( :

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      1. tsepotheview says:

        Your photo capturing is amazing and you knew how to take great angles which makes the pics so nice…

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        1. Thanks again and I’m following your blog. You’re writing is interesting.


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            Thank you very much, such comment really makes me want to write even more than ever. Nikki I appreciate and respect every single view expressed by my followers, once again thank you.

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