How to find free events in your city

It’s January the month after Christmas, New Years Eve and when kids start school in South Africa. This means that many people are broke during the first month of the year. Holiday parties, gifts and events accumulate and take their toll on everyone’s wallet. If you are money savvy or just want to have a social life whilst saving cash then read on this post is for you. I’m going to teach you how to find free events no matter where you are based in the world. I used this method in Europe and in my city, Cape Town.

sarah scribbles christmas funny
Sarah scribbles cartoon which sums up finances after Christmas

Google search

Do a simple search “free things to do in (insert your city” or “free things to do near me”. You have to turn on your location settings on Google if you choose to search using the words near me. Blogging has thankfully made it easier to find free events. Bloggers will write about free events. I did a quick search and found an article by Cape Town magazine which is a popular online magazine in my city. I also saw a link to free thinks to do in New York at Lonely Planet it’s simple to find loads of free events by doing a quick search.

A simple Google search will help you find free things to do
A simple Google search will help you find free things to do

Facebook search

Facebook allows you to search for events in your city. It will even suggest events and show you events your friends are interested in. All you have to do is search free events in Cape Town or wherever you live use the search option on Facebook. You will most likely find a few events if you happen to live in a bigger city like I do. If you live in a smaller place then search for free things to do in the city which is closest to you. That way you will keep your wallet happy and healthy.

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Local news

Local news casters will be spreading the word when it comes to local free events. This is a cool way to find free things to do even if you happen to live in a smaller city. Think radio stations, newspapers, online magazines and blogs. Cape Town Magazine offers weekly updates on what’s happening everyday of the week in Cape Town. I use I love Cape Town, Cape Town etc. and Whats on in Cape Town to track down free events. The platform regularly posts about free and cheap things to do. Do a Google search and find out about your local news sources make a list and follow them that way you will stay updated whilst supporting local businesses.

Another tip is to make sure that you follow stories which cover public holidays. Many places will host events on public holidays to celebrate the day. In North Rhine Westphalia there’s Rose Monday of the Carnival season where you can see the colourful carnival and you get the day off. And if you are lucky like I was you will get roses, candy and lots of joy at the carnival to.

Local businesses and initiatives

Follow the social media pages of spots you love in your city. This way you are helping a great place out by boosting their online presence it may also lead to information on free events. The Station on Bree in Cape Town gave away free burgers once in April a few years back. First Thursdays has become a global trend where people meet up explore the art scene in their hometowns for free. Open streets is another global campaign which aims to take back the streets in cities to make them accessible to pedestrians for one day. Streets are blocked off to vehicle traffic allowing buskers, skateboarders, bicycle riders, roller-blades and people who just want to stroll to stroll down normally busy streets. Musicians perform, stalls are set up and there are various activities to join. Most things are free to do and Open streets also helps build community spirit.

Libraries and community centers

Libraries and community centers are open to the public and always free. But, did you know that libraries are no longer spaces for reading and studying. Cape Town Central Library hosts a number of events such as poetry slams, book readings, book launches, film screenings, workshops, live music and even free diabetes testing etc. The library and community center bulletin board is also a good way to find out about free events. I found out about free entry to Iziko museums in my city by reading the bulletin board at the library.

Anthony Stanco my mom and I. We attended his jazz performance at Cape Town Central Library for free.
Anthony Stanco my mom and I. We attended his jazz performance at Cape Town Central Library for free.

I hope this helps you find free things to do in your city. Do you have any tips on how you find free events? If you would like to please feel free to share your suggestions. Thanks a million for reading my blog and take care.

Happy travels

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