Brilliant photo spots in Burano

Burano Island in Venice is so eye catching every street is a photo opportunity. I took about 50 photos in Burano and I only spent a few hours on the island. Here’s my best of Burano photos to brighten up your Monday.

Before you get off the boat
Take a photo of the island from afar. The church steeple leans slightly and the sea around it glitters on a sunny day.

Closer up
Take a photo before the boat docks. I suggest sitting at an open window, take the photo hold on tight to your phone or camera. Remember you can always edit out the windows edges, retrieving your camera from the ocean won’t be as easy.

Flower store
There’s a pretty flower store located at Burano Island. It has no signage except for the number 264. It’s along the route to the main square. It has a flower arch in front of the door. It makes for an appealing photo spot. The rustic aged building along with the blooming plants and flowers makes for a striking contrast.

The bridges
There are many bridges spanning across the canals. They tend to get busy despite that the bridges are cute and make for good photo sites.

An empty street or less crowded street
Look around walk deeper into the island. It’s possible to find empty streets. The houses are bold which will make your photo pretty.


Interesting doors
Burano is not only home to brightly painted houses. It has numerous intricate doorways.


The laundry
The laundry lines in Burano tend to be filled with brightly coloured sheets etc. It seems that the residents embrace colour.

What to wear
My tip is to wear something bright or a neutral colour. Multi Coloured clothes don’t fit well with the aesthetic of Burano. Similarly to many other European places, Burano has uneven paving. I suggest wear comfortable, walking friendly shoes. Italians don’t often wear open toe sandals so skip those.


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Happy travels!
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