Worst travel photos

Most of my travel photos are thankfully great even if I do say so myself. Head over to my Instagram to see a few of my pics :instagram.com/nikkidiscovers/ . I am however, an amateur photographer. I have never taken a photography class so sometimes my travel images didn’t end up looking the way I wanted them to. Social media life and particularly Instagram makes my life look perfect it’s certainly not. So today I’m sharing my photography blunders with you. These are the images that didn’t make it to Instagram.


Germany train station
Instead of the sign only I got a person in the shot
Half a selfie
Another terrible Amsterdam selfie. The wind blew my hair in my face and the photo is skew as well. 
Instead of getting the shot I wanted at Oktoberfest I ended up taking a blurry photo of backs. 
Taken whilst in a moving car travelling from Schiedam to Tilburg in the Netherlands. The camera wasn’t steady at all. 
In Brussels I travelled solo just for a few hours. And the guy I asked to take this photo chopped my head off. 
I took this whilst waiting on a bus to Italy. Cologne Cathedral isn’t looking pretty from this angle. 
At Munich’s after Oktoberfest and my eyes being closed ruined the shot. 
A canal in Amsterdam. Thank goodness my night time photography has since improved. 
Essen germany Ikea
Eating at Ikea in Essen

And that’s my collection of worst travel photos for now. I haven’t sorted through my thousands of travel photos so I’m sure more will be found. Do


  1. Brilliant. Great to see a blog that isn’t the best of…. I think it’s the nature of digital photography that we know we can afford to make mistakes. So we all do.

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    1. Thanks for liking my worst of ha ha ha

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