The best things about the Labia theatre

The Labia theatre is cinema tucked away in Orange Street in Cape Town. It’s close to the popular Lord Nelson Hotel which offers an elegant high tea experience and the Cape Town Company Gardens. It’s also a stone throw away from the high school I attended. The Labia is an independent cinema with a fascinating history. It used to be a ballroom for the Italian Consulate in Cape Town. It’s named after princess Labia an Italian princess. Today the cinema provides Cape Town’s movie goers with a special movie going experience. Here are the reasons why I love the Labia theatre.

Old feel
The cinema has an old school feel to it. The interior and the ticket stubs are all themed. At times there are even door men dressed up in top hats. You might spot a red carpet. Even the popcorn maker fits in with the overall style of the Labia theatre. Overall the place gives off a different welcomed ambiance.

The Labia theatre in Cape Town
The Labia theatre in Cape Town. A cinema with a nostalgic vibe

The Labia theatre has a liquor licence. This means that you can have a drink whilst watching a film. There are many options to choose from beer, ciders, hard liquor they even have glüwhein. There’s also a vodka spiked slushie option.

The specials
There are excellent 2 for 1 specials running at the Labia cinema almost daily. All the specials include 2 movie tickets along with two set meals. To get these specials go the participating restaurant first order the Labia special and present your till slip at the Labia cinema.

From Monday-Thursday there’s pasta special at Societi Bistro. It costs R110. On Mondays only you can take advantage of the Ocean basket’s fish and chips deal. Be sure to make a booking at Societi Bistro as it’s an award winning restaurant that does get busy

On Wednesdays’, Saturdays and Sundays Diva Café Ristorrante offers a R110 pizza special. For just R120 grab burgers and chips at Knead Café located on the trendy Kloof Street.

All the restaurants are close to the Labia theatre. Considering that movie tickets are R75 pp in Cape Town this is a terrific deal. For R150 you’d only get two movie tickets at mainstream cinemas around the city. At the Labia you get two meals and two tickets for less.

Ticket cost
The standard ticket cost is R50 at the Labia cinema. This makes the ticket cheaper than other theatres. If you are a movie addict like then consider buying the R400 bundle ticket offer. It gets you 10 tickets so you end up with 2 free tickets.

There are snacks and other smaller food items like muffins on sale at the cinema. You have the option of eating at one of the outside tables. You are also allowed to eat inside the theatre. It’s a convenient way to grab a quick, light bit to eat before, during or after the film.

No booking seats
My American friend Irene told me that there are no booking seats at US cinemas. This isn’t normal in South Africa where you have to book your seat number when buying your ticket. The Labia cinema has a first come first served policy so you sit wherever. I like this because I get to see how close or far way I will be sitting from the screen.

The films
The Labia usually plays only a few mainstream filma at a time. They play foreign films, art house films, documentaries, historical films and indie films. It’s a magnificent line up often where you get to watch something different. I have watched alone in Berlin, Mama Mia 2, Beatrice at dinner and more at the Labia.

Labia theatre
A proudly SA film poster at the Labia Theatre. I watched this film with my sister and boyfriend.

Film festivals
There are regular interesting film festivals happening at the Labia. They host Spanish film fests, environmental film festivals and more. The tickets for these festivals cost between R50 and R60.

Appealing events
The Labia theatre hosts events occasionally. Burlesque, ballet and jazz shows have all been held at the venue. The open outside area, balcony, bar and cosy character of the screening rooms all make it a perfect event venue.

Free screenings
Its super rare if you follow the Labia Theatres Facebook page you might score a free film. There were a few free films screen last year. One of them was the cult classic The Fan starring Frank Di Franco.

The staff
The staff at the Labia theatre is friendly. It’s a small place and you tend to see the same faces at the cinema. It isn’t as busy when compared to other cinemas. This all adds to the special movie going experience which the Labia theatre provides.

Important information
Address: 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Operating times: 11:00 am – 10:30pm daily
Ticket price: R50 pp
Tel: +27 21 424 5927
You can book tickets online at:


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