How to celebrate Oktoberfest outside of Germany

It’s Oktoberfest time in Germany and I’m not there to celebrate it this year. I’m feeling nostalgic and thought about how to celebrate Oktoberfest even though I’m not in Münich. If you aren’t in Germany or if you hate overcrowded places then this one’s for you. This post will give you some ideas on how to celebrate Oktoberfest outside of Germany.

Join an Oktoberfest party
Track down an Oktoberfest party in your city. Oktoberfest has spread around the world. You can now find mini Oktoberfest styled festivals in many countries especially in places with a larger German expat community. Google it or search Oktoberfest and the name of your city in the Facebook search bar. If you can’t find an Oktoberfest event then recreate it at home.

The beer
Oktoberfest beer comes originally from Vienna and its called Märzen. The beer is brewed in March hence the name. At Oktoberfest in Münich only 6 breweries are allowed to serve beer. If you want to host an Oktoberfest party try to get an Oktoberfest style beer. Many breweries across the world brew German styled beer. If the stronger Märzen beer isn’t your thing then create a radler by mixing it with lemonade or have a lighter beer like Weiss. In Cape Town breweries like CBC produce a few German styled beers. If your country doesn’t sell any German styled beer then replace it with a seasonal autumn brewed beer instead. Get pumpkin beer for example instead of Paulaner in a pinch. You could get a variety of beer and do a blind taste testing. Turn it into a party game and see who guesses the names of the beers the winner could get a prize or just the bragging rights of being a beer whiz.

The food
In my city there happens to be a few German shops. Use Google to search for “German stores near me” to find out if you have any German shops close to you. Then stock up of sausages (wurst) and pretzels. If you are extra luck you might find the Bavarian speciality Weisswurst which is a white sausage. It is often served with fermented cabbage called sauerkraut. At German stores you will most likely find German beer to. If there aren’t any German shops close to you then grill a chicken and serve half portions with chips. Alternatively you can always find a schnitzel recipe online and serve it with fries. The recipe for a healthier baked schnitzel can be found here:Schnitzel recipe.

Schnitzel and fries after I devoured it

The clothes
Costume hire stores are your best bet. Find a dirndl ladies or lederhosen guys. Sadly, most costume store sell and hire dirndls which look fake and garish. That being said if you are surrounded by friends no one will judge you for wearing a dress that’s not German enough. You can also skip this step; there are people who chose not to dress up even at the real Oktoberfest.

Elian and I at Oktoberfest
Elian and I at Oktoberfest

The décor
If you have a wooden picnic styled table use it. Take it outside to add to the atmosphere. There are so many links on Youtube and Pinterest with interesting DIY décor ideas. Create a wreath and attach ribbons, create a pretzel wall and make your own welcome banner. For a few Pinterest have a look at the following pin: alternatively find a party supply store and buy the decorations.

The music
Chances are you won’t hire a traditional band to come play at your home. Instead head again to Youtube and search for Oktoberfest music. There you will find popular songs etc. If you want to read more and see the look at the most popular Oktoberfest songs follow the link:

Thanks so much for reading. I hope this post gave you a few good ideas for hosting your own Oktoberfest party. If you feel like comment please don’t hesitate. I’m open to chatting and online collaboration. If you have any questions go ahead and ask.

Wishing you many happy travels through the journey of life!

xxx Nikki xxx