How to travel when you are on your period

My period has always annoyed me. The first time I got, it was while I was in church, and I couldn’t leave to go to the bathroom as I was busy praying. My silent prayer that day included asking God for my period not to stain my buttercream yellow skirt. That being said periods can hinder travel but, there’s to work around it. If you plan on hiking to see the splendour of Machu Picchu for example, then it might be easier to plan your period around your trip. This post will hopefully provide you with tips for managing your period when you are travelling.


Do research

In Germany and the rest of Europe, it’s harder to find tampon applicators. Public toilets located at train stations and petrol/gas stations often charge an entry fee in Germany. In places like Japan, there are fewer options when it comes to tampons. And public toilets are usually free of charge. You can also find giant sized pads in Japan. You can see what I mean in the video below. Find out about where you can buy pain medication and what kind of medicine is sold over the counter. You should also note that in some cultures women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter temples. In Bali, for example, you can’t enter a temple if you are having your period. So do a bit of research to make things easier and to avoid trouble.

Skip it

It is safe to skip your period if the thought of travelling and experiencing cramps already gives you a headache then consider this option. A friend of mine does this when she knows she’s going to be boarding a long haul flight. You can skip your placebo pills if you are taking the pill, then you can start with a new pack of active pills, this will delay your period. It is only a temporary solution. You can also skip your period by using the NuvaRing if you are using this form of birth control. This might still lead to spotting so conduct a trial run before you go away on your trip. If you happen to be using IUD, which is an implanted device chance are you already aren’t having a period. Remember that if you are going to use these methods you have to consult with your doctor. It should be safe but, book a visit and find out the exact details and guidelines.

Plan around it

I planned around my period. I tracked my period, and as I get mine regularly around the same time, I booked my trips accordingly. I used to have painful periods. My symptoms included vomiting, dizzy spells, cold sweats, hot flushes, migraines and other awful painful experiences… I’m now taking the pill to manage the pain, and I no longer suffer from all these symptoms. I still don’t travel when I have my period though.

Bored Panda

Deal with it

On family trips, I often unexpectedly got my period. I ate well (healthy), walked often, drank water and made sure to get fresh air. Walking outside and swimming helped me manage my pain. And it was an excellent way to distract my attention away from the cramps. So if you can’t skip it, or plan around it manage it. Take pain pills with you and get heat pads. Take a warm bath and drink chamomile tea it promotes relaxation. If you do have a severe medical issue or if your period is unusually painful and heavy go see your doctor. I lived for years with painful periods and finally went to the gynaecologist to figure out what was wrong. I no longer go through horrible pain every month anymore. Take care of yourself and don’t let anything including your period ruin your travels.

So that being said here’s a tentative packing list for your period

Packing list

You will need comfortable clothing which gives you breathing room.

Pack pads/tampons for a month. If you intend on staying away long then you need to consider other options. You don’t want to fill your luggage bag with sanitary products.

Consider using reusable pads and panty liners. You can wash these and they last for about 5 years. They are also environmentally friendly.

Try out the Diva cup this cup can be used for up to 12 hours. And it is safe and reusable all you have to do is wash it out. If you are going to sit in a long bus, train ride or a long haul flight the Diva cup might be your best option.

When it comes to managing period pain ibuprofen and chamomile tea work for me. Find out if you need a prescription for the painkillers you usually use. If you are allowed to travel with it and where to buy your medicine at your final travel destination. Heating pads also work wonders. Stick to the kind that doesn’t require electricity as it may be difficult to plug in your electric one.

You should also carry wet wipes, tissues, and waterless hand sanitizer with you. If you are allowed to carry a small bottle of water with you too. To clean your Diva Cup and or drink your pain pills if you need to. Pack a small heat pad and your sanitary option also. You can use Ziplock bags to separate the items and carry extra plastic bags with you. The extra plastic bags might be needed for wrapping up a sanitary towel. Sometimes bathrooms don’t have bins inside of them so rather be overly prepared. Then put all of your items together in a bag. This will make it easier to grab everything instead of searching for each item in your carry on. Oh and definitely put these items in your carry on bag.

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Wishing you many happy travels through the journey of life!

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