Being short has some big advantages when you are travelling

It’s a well-known fact that I am short. I get teased about it often. And have been teased about it my entire life. My family is short so it’s a hereditary thing. The short jokes I’ve heard range from laugh out loud funny to absolutely dull. I once told a guy who was trying to insult me for being vertically challenged that his attempts to make me feel bad for being short were futile. I mean there’s a lot about me that’s imperfect and that ok. But, using my height to insult me is unoriginal and merely displays a lack of imagination. Being short can be annoying but, for me, it has had much more advantages. Sure every time I need to reach a high shelf it’s like I’m climbing a jungle gym but it good exercise. And when it comes to travelling being short is a big plus. So here’s my list of why it’s so great to be a short traveller.



This is an obvious one when I’m sitting on a bus I can stretch my legs out. Even plane seats are roomy for me. I can sit comfortably and yes I do notice the envious sometimes humorous looks I get from fellow travellers.

Legroom for days even in a train


Blood clots

A 2017  Swedish study found that smaller people may also are less susceptible to developing blood clots. This may be because taller people have longer veins. There’s therefore, a larger area where problems can develop (Zamon,2017).



I always fit in any bed my legs will never hand over the end. So when I’m travelling living in hotels, hostels, chalets etc. I’m always comfortable.




Getting to and yes sometimes bursting into the front of a crowd is easier. Small people can get away with squeezing in between the spaces. And I did this in the Louvre in order to get a photo of Mona Lisa back in 2016.  I got to stand right in front of the painting. But, I moved out of the way after I took the photo being short doesn’t mean I should hog space.

Right in front with no people in my frame



Given that I’m short I always get to stand or sit right in-front when group photos are being taken. This means that my group travel photos show my face at all times. I’m never the person whos faces is covered by an elbow or a taller person. Plus I get to find in small spaces and this also makes for great “frames” for photos.

Standing right in front 6th person from the left. Dressed in a mustard coat can you spot me?



People are helpful and friendly

There have been studies conducted on how people are nicer to people who look cute. Being smaller means that peoples’ protective instincts tend to the fore. “Cuteness may help to facilitate well-being and complex social relationships by activating brain networks associated with emotion and pleasure and triggering empathy and compassion” (The Conversation, 2016). When I was travelling alone and in groups I often had people be very kind and friendly.

In Berlin, I ended up being part of an impromptu photo shoot at Checkpoint Charlie. The guys kept telling me I looked like Shakira ha ha ha and they picked me up tossed me in the air. I remember laughing for quite some time. I paid to have the photo taken but, the girl who had her photo taken before me only got one photo. My friends got to take several photos of me and it was a very funny experience. The guys asked permission to pick me up. And its’ easier to lift me off the ground because I’m so short



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Being short means that your tall friends are often your personal umbrellas. They provide shade and friendship. My two close friends are shown in the photo below. Thanks for the shade ladies.



So reaching for things which are located high up can be annoying. But, I can shop in the kiddies section. And children’s clothes can be stylish. I get to pay less for clothes because of this. And do my travel outfits are often made up entirely of items I bought in the kiddies section.  My dress in the image below was bought in a kiddies section.


Bumping your head 

I can’t remember when I knocked my head in public. Street signs tower above me. The archways of doors are also looming above. And I don’t have to bend in an aeroplane. I’m never going to be like the stormtrooper in the image below.




I love exploring caves. I haven’t done it many times but, I  find it fun. Being small means I can easily fit into tight spaces. I did this when I completed the Echo trail hike in Kalk Bay. I got to explore the various cave networks along the trail and could crawl and slide around with ease.  The photo below was taken from inside a cave on the Echo trail.


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At the end of the day whether you are short or tall travel can be amazing. It depends upon your attitude and how you allow your travel experiences to affect you.

Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to comment.

Wishing you happy travels through the journey of life!

xxx Nikki xxx