A locals guide to Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay which happens to be around the corner from where I live recently made it on to the trendiest places list of Forbes. It’s been voted one of the best communities in the world.  Kalk Bay means Lime bay apparently the many mussel shells which were found in the area used to be used to create lime. Today you won’t find a multitude of mussels. Instead, there’s a beach, harbour, fantastic restaurants, hiking trails and a theatre. This cute little coastal community is alluring. Nestled amongst impressive mountains it’s a picturesque alternative spot to visit when you visit Cape Town. The atmosphere is relaxed and yet there’s so much to do. Without further rambling from my side here’s a guide to Kalk Bay.

Go to the Harbour

Kalk Bay has a small harbour and I highly recommend visiting it. That way you can take snaps of the fishermen as they go about their daily business. The boats tend to be colourful and if you are lucky you might spot a seal or two. The seals enjoy sunning themselves on the docks so watch out for them.

The harbour view


Go to the beach

There is a beach close by to the Harbour.  My mom used to go camping on the beach when she was a little girl. You can no longer go camping at the beach. It does offer an epic view of the bright blue ocean along with salty beach air which will recharge your batteries for sure.

Go eat something Lekker

Lekker means good in Afrikaans. There is a café called Lekker in Kalk Bay. They serve coffee and cake. Lekker also serves many traditional South African favourites milk tart, vetkoek, koeksisters and hot tea. There’s something lekker for everyone at Lekker.

Address: 106 Main Rd, Kalkbay, Cape Town, 7990


Phone: +27 (0)21 788 3424


Go Hiking

I hiked up the Echo Valley trail and got to crawl around inside the Boomslang cave. This is not a place for people who struggle with claustrophobia. And some of the caves in this extensive cave network are very tiny. I’m petite, and even I had to squeeze through. You have to get on to all fours and crawl and at the bottom of the cave, there is sand which will scratch your skin a bit. For me this hiking and caving experience made me feel radiant. It was so pleasurable and I found out that I don’t mind exploring caves which are bat free. Drive along Boyes Drive to get to the Echo Valley Trail you will see the Echo Valley sign. Then just follow the trail to get to the cave. The cave runs through the mountain and on the other side you get to see astounding views of the False Bay coast.

Go have lunch at Kalky’s

Kalky’s is an iconic part of Kalk Bay. Its speciality is fresh delectable seafood. Plus it is close to the harbour. You can try Cape Town’s fried fish and chips. The fish is fried in a batter which consists of flour, salt, vinegar and egg.  And it tastes really good. The other great thing about Kalky’s is that it’s affordable so it won’t burn a hole into your wallet.

Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/kalkys.seafood/

Address: 52 Main Rd Kalk Bay,  Cape Town 7990 (Right Next to the harbour)

Go Whale watching

The Southern right whale can be seen along the False Bay coast. Kalk Bay is one of the places where whales have been spotted cavorting in the ocean. You have to be around during whale watching season to spot them. In the Cape region, whale season lasts from June till November.


Go Book shopping

Kalk Bay books have a wide selection of books. They also stock old classic books some of which are rare finds. The store has a vintage feel to it. And you can pop in buy a book then lounge on the beach with it. That sounds perfect to me.

Address: 124 Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town 7990


Email: books@kalkbaybooks.co.za

Tel:  +27 (0) 21 788 2266

Go shopping

The main street of Kalk Bay is littered with specialty shops. They are small but, tend to sell boutique items. If you walk around you will find these tiny gems. They tend to be more expensive.  Budget-friendly items are sold here as well.  Bookmarkers carved out in wood with the big five on them, postcards and other souvenirs are sold along this street.

Nicki this Nikki will take is a store named after me cool.


Go on a free audio tour

If you want to know more about the history download the free audio tour. Then walk around and learn more about this historic place. The tour is great for a daytime walk and it’s easy to do. Download the audio tour here: https://voicemap.me/tour/cape-town/kalk-bay-like-a-local

Go to Kalk Bay Theatre

There is a small theatre close to the sea in Kalk Bay. Tickets get snapped up fast so book before the time. Take advantage of the two for one ticket special which is offered every Tuesday.  You can buy dinner and drinks at the theatre. And after the performance, you can have coffee and socialize with the performers. The theatre is open from Tuesday till Saturday and from 3pm till 6pm.

Address: 52 Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7975
Phone: +27 (0) 21 788 7257


Dinner at the Brass Bell

The Brass Bell is conveniently located close to the train station. And the sea the ocean view is particularly picturesque during summer. The Brass Bell is well known for its elegance. This is where you when you want to splurge a bit. The food is terrific and the décor is beautiful. Save for this experience and work it into your budget. Sometimes live music is played and comedy shows are held at the restaurant to find out more click here: http://www.brassbell.co.za/

Address: Main Rd. Kalk Bay, Cape Town 7790


Email: info@brassbell.co.za 

Phone: +27 (0)21 788 5455

Party at Cape to Cuba

Grab a drink or four at Cape to Cuba. This place has been around since 1995. It’s bright and beautiful and the prices for food and drinks vary. Cape to Cuba strives to bring authentic Cuban food to Cape Town. There are many Cuban and seafood dishes on the menu.  This place is so colourful inside it makes everyone who visits feel happy. There are indoor swings, beach sand in some of the sections and bright bold decorative pieces. You can smoke a Cuban cigar which you order from a separate menu on the balcony. I’m not a smoker but, I tried it with my boyfriend and it was good.  Cape to Cuba also hosts silent discos at times and dances so put on your beach sandals and party the night away.

Address: 165 Main Rd Kalk Bay, Cape Town 7990

Website: https://www.capetocuba.com/

Phone: +27(0) 21 788 1566 (reservations recommended but, not strictly required)




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