Travel themed playlist

I always feel slightly uncomfortable when people ask me what kind of music I listen to. My response is often almost all kinds. And then the asker thinks I’m lying. So now I’m sharing something deeply personal to me some of the songs I love listening to which all have one thing in common they deal with travelling or with destinations. Have a read and then maybe have a listen and hopefully you will enjoy what you hear.

Lady Hawke- Paris

This pop song is about Paris there’s so many songs about Paris but I love the disco feel of this song. And Ladyhawke is wearing a Snoopy t-shirt in the video mega cute.

George Ezra – Budapest

I was sent a link to listen to this song when I was in Budapest. My boyfriend sent it to me and it was a very romantic moment and I didn’t know of the song before. It’s one of my favourite songs.

Mary Carpenter -What If We went to Italy

Mary Carpenter singing about escaping to Italy her voice is melodic and to answer her question Mary if we go to Italy it will be fabulous.

Rosanne Cash- A Feather’s Not A Bird

This is a country song if you hate country don’t listen to it. Rosanne Cash is the daughter of the late Johnny Cash. In this song she signs about going to Florence, Memphis and Arkansas. Florence in South Carolina America not the Italian one she wouldn’t be able to drive there.

Yelle-Florence en Italie

This is a synth pop song it is similar to Le Roux Bulletproof sound but, this song is very happy and poppy. And it’s sung in French Yelle is a french band.The song is about a person visiting Florence and feeling blissful because of it.

Bob Dylan-When I paint my masterpiece

The lyrics sound like a poem but Dylan sings off key on purpose. This might not be music to everyones ears but, it is to mine.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Berlin Blues

This song starts off said and picks up later. It’s about feeling blue in Berlin and still pushing on. And Alice Phoebe Lou is South African yay. Always loving great music frommy home country.

K.T Tunsall- Suddenly I see

A bit of a cop out this song isn’t specifically about travelling it’s more about seeing a powerful women as a rolemodel. But the lines “Her face is a map of the world” and “I feel like walking the world” “Like walking the world” that makes it somewhat travel related right?

Owl city- Dear Vienna

To me this sounds like a letter or love song. But hey Vienna is in Austria so this song can be interpreted as a song about a place or person.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around The World

Life is beautiful around the world I agree with the Red Hot Chili Peppers do you?

Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere
This was an Australian country song from 1959, which named Australian towns, it’s s been reworked for Singapore, Belgium, Canada and in this case the USA.

Hundred Miles – Yall ft. Gabriela Richardson

I listened to this song to give me a bit of hope when I was missing my boyfriend. You and I are more than the grey skies I needed that line in my life when it was constantly raining in Germany.

Nora Jones- Run Away with me

Everyone loves this song and knows it. Nora Jones has a smooth relaxing voice which I find soothing and it’s perfect to listen to when you need to feel calm. Because travelling can be stressful at times.

The Saturdays- 30 days to us

A song about counting down the days till you see your love. My relationship had to maintained for a year whilst I was in Germany and it was very difficult. Song like this helped to pull me through.

Lupe Fisaco- Paris, Tokyo

Travelling and love what more could you want.

James Bay- Wanderlust

Travelling and missing someone I can relate to this song so much. But, you gotta travel on because that wanderlust bug bit you.

JayZ and Alicia Keys- New York State of Mind

So popular that I got annoyed by the song. But, now I can love it again it’s not on repeat on every radio station anymore. When day when I visit New York I will be listening to this song at least once whilst I’m there.

Mos Def-Travellin Man

His travelling through space and time and the beat has so much soul gotta love this song.

And that’s it for now. I will make another list like this as all the songs I wanted to add couldn’t be added to this one. It would have made it too long.

Thank you for reading and thank you for liking. And I love reading comments on my blog. It inspires me and it helps me to improve my content so please feel free to comment.
Wishing you many happy travels through the journey of life!

xxx Nikki xxx