How to make waffles

One of the waffles were eaten
Finished apple cinnamon waffles, one of them didn’t make the photo got eaten by my friend.

In this year 2018, I have made these waffles countless times. They are in hot demand. I sometimes halve all the ingredients to make less. Sometimes I’m explicitly told not to as the more the better ha ha ha. It’s simple to make and fast. So if you want to make it seem like you slaved away and made a divine dessert then make these waffles. You don’t need a baking scale or fancy measuring cups. So without further ado here’s my waffle recipe.
Dry ingredients
2 cups self-raising flour

1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of baking powder
3/4 cup of sugar
Wet ingredients
2 eggs
1 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of melted butter
1 teaspoon vamilla extract/essence
Serves approximately 6 people
Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl: the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar.
Depending on your waffle irons heat it’s usually good to switch it on at this point to have it preheat. But if it heats up fast you don’t need to preheat your waffle iron.
In a separate bowl add the eggs, milk, butter and vanilla extract/essence whisk the wet ingredients and add it to the dry ingredients. Mx it all with a wooden spoon.
The wooden spoon maintains the bubbles in the batter which will give your waffles a fluffy texture. Mixing it up in a cake mixer won’t give you the exact same consistency.
Don’t overmix either leave in the lumps its ok, overmixing kills fluffy.
Once everything is mixed through your batter is done.
spoon and waffle mix
Waffle Batter
You have to spray some spray and cook on to your waffle iron or use a brush and lightly coat it with sunflower oil or melted butter. This will prevent sticking. Don’t use oil olive unless you are making savoury waffles.
Pour a bit of your batter in the iron. This for me was the hardest step at first as I always poured too much and the mixture spilt over the sides. Trial by error helped me and now my waffles don’t overflow anymore.
Once your waffle maker indicates that your waffles are ready you can take them out, unless you want golden waffles then check on them but leave them in a few extra minutes.
Keep on till all your waffles are completed.
Waffles being made
Apple waffles cooking in the waffle iron
Waffles are great served with a variety of toppings honey, maple syrup, Nutella, chocolate sauce, ice-cream, whipped cream, custard, fresh chunks of fruit, nuts etc………
If you don’t have self-raising flour where you live use the same amount of flour but add 4 tablespoons of baking powder to your waffle mix. In Germany, there’s no such thing as self-raising flour so I improvised using this method.
You can peel and grate in one big apple or two smaller ones and mix it up thoroughly into the batter. This gives your waffles an apple taste.
Add a teaspoon of fine cinnamon to provide more flavour to your waffles.
Use brown sugar instead of white to make your waffles come out looking even more golden.
Mashup 2 overripe uncored pears with a fork or potato masher then add it to your batter. I personally love this pear waffle.
You can also do the same thing with bananas.
For savoury waffles omit the sugar and vanilla extract/ essence. Add pepper to your batter and or dried mix herbs.
There you have it my basic waffle recipe with a few variations included. My favourite is the pear and cinnamon waffles topped with honey. My boyfriend loves this version too but with custard. I truly hope your waffles come out looking and tasting marvellous. If you decide to make them let me know how it went.
Thank you for reading my blog and for commenting it means a lot to me. And if you want to share comments please do. I’m open to critique and up for a chat.
Wishing you happy waffle making and happy travels through the journey of life!
xxx Nikki xxx


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  1. Nikki I absolutely love the idea of adding pear to the batter! I will have to try that. I just started making waffles this winter. It is fun, and not that hard though guests are amazed at my culinary skill 🙂


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