Tips when visiting Salzburg

It’s good to do some research about the customs of the place you intend to visit. I picked up a few tips and thought I’d share it with you guys. Hopefully this will help you when you visit Salzburg.

1. Early bird gets the worm

Try to get to the tourist attractions early. This will allow you to take better photos and you will have to deal with fewer crowds. Salzburg is popular with tourists so plan ahead.

2. Save with the Salzburg city card

Get the Salzburg city card if you intend on doing many activities. A one day card costs €25 or €28 depending on the season. The card allows you to see all the cities tourist attractions for free. Using it can help you save and the link to Salzburg’s tourism office is below as well as a link which provides more information regarding the Salzburg city card.

3. Save more

If you want to save even more money there is still lots to see. You can see the churches for free, sit along the river bank, see the Mirabell Gardens, stroll in Getreidegasse and there are lots of sculptures across the city. Don’t forget the famous fountain in Residenzplatz etc.

4. Travel friendly shoes

Wear comfy shoes, most of the streets are lined with cobblestones pretty to see but, heavy on your feet if you are wearing inappropriate shoes.

5. Sunday is rest day

Sunday is a rest day just like in Germany a lot of things such as supermarkets will be closed so plan ahead. Some restaurants and cafés will be open though.

6. The Sound of Music is unknown

Austrians don’t know about the Sound of Music so don’t discuss it unless they mention it. The story probably brings up bad memories of WW2 which you should probably not mention to. Plus, the story is inaccurate so Austrians who know about the film often dislike it.

7. Dessert can be dinner

Eating dessert as a main dish is acceptable. Yay Austria I love that, Austrians have a major sweet tooth so dig in to your appelstrudel.

8. Follow road rules

Don’t jaywalk never cross the street unless the pedestrian light is green. Germans and Austrians don’t like jaywalkers and you might end up getting shouted out if you do. And you can be fined heavily.

9. Tipping isn’t compulsory

You don’t have to tip service industry workers unless you want to since your tip is included in the meal/service cost.

10. Smokey

Many Austrians smoke so be aware of this. You may have to deal with some second-hand smoke.

11. Austrians are Austrian not German

Germans and Austrians might be similar in some ways but, do not make the mistake that the two places, culture and peoples are exactly the same. It’s offensive and you should try to learn about the places you get to visit, do not alienate the locals.

12. Cheers

It’s legal to drink beer and wine at 16. Hard liquor is legal at age 18. Cheers to that

13. Find out

Bread which is served before your meal is not free at all restaurants, find out before eating.

14. Do research

There’s a Zoo and other museums and attractions so do research and don’t be limited to the list I provided in my previous post if it doesn’t suit your fancy. I wrote a post on things to do in Salzburg.

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Happy Travels!

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